Greeting from Office Head

Dear fellow citizens
Welcome to the Mapo-gu Office homepage.
I am Mapo-gu Office Head, Yoo Dong-gyun.
Mapo-gu has long been the west gate of Seoul and a center of introducing advanced foreign culture as well as economic activities. The city has excellent urban infrastructure and huge growth potential with the cutting-edge Sangam DMC, park area of Gyeong-ui Railroad Line above-ground section, a vigorous urban re-construction project, and abundant resources by the Han River.
With these natural blessings, I am committed to make Mapo a happier place for the 400,000 residents by listening to your diverse opinions.
I hope this homepage will be a good venue of communication without complicated hierarchy to inform you of diverse Office news and information while listening to each and every precious opinion from you for better reflection in the borough administration. In this sense, I ask for your great interest and support.
Thank you.