Past Life and Career

First-generation labor activist and democratic reform activist

I took part in the April 1960 Revolution as a high school student. After entering university, I taught younger students from less-privileged families at a night school as part of my service to the community. The spirit of the April 1960 Revolution became the guiding light for my life. Under this influence, I came to work for Christian Academy programs, serving as a member of the committee preparing for a special event commemorating the April 1960 Revolution and carrying out activities for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) for 12 years.


Serving as President of Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service (COMWEL)

I served as President of COMWEL for six years and proved my management capabilities. I led the efforts for innovation of a recovery management service for patients injured from industrial accidents. Under my stewardship, employees paid visits to the patients and solved their problems.


Serving as directly elected Mapo-Gu Mayor (2002-2006)

As Mapo-Gu Mayor, I set up the objective of “improvement of the quality of life of 400,000 local residents and enhancement of their welfare’. Under my stewardship, Mapo-gu ranked 16th among the 234 local administrative units (city (si), county (gun), and district (gu)) across the country in terms of vitality index. Locals credited me with administrative capability and driving force. I worked hard to make Mapo a cultural town through the following projects: creation of the historic site in Jamdubong, the sanctuary of Yanghwajin, designation of tombs of foreign missionaries as a historic site, putting Dangilli Power Plant underground and turning it into a space for creative cultural works, formation of Sangam DMC jointly with the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), setting up a plan to put a 7.1km section of the Seoul-Dorasan, Paju Railroad underground and foster a green area for cultural activities on the aboveground space (sized 57 acres), and efforts to expand green areas by forming Wau Neighborhood Park (sized 18 acres).


Serving as representative of the Life and Peace Forum, preparing to put “life politics” into practice

I had always thought of what I could do for Mapo, where I was born and raised. I always strived to communicate with locals and put “life politics” into practice. I thought I should join in the efforts to get over the three leading crises of our society, which are the crises of democracy, economy, and the inter-Korean relationship through the civic movement of the Life and Peace Forum. During the first year of the foundation of the forum, we held a forum each month to discuss how to solve social problems, inviting a total of 13 celebrities as guests. We held a seminar commemorating the 1st anniversary under the theme “The 2010 Local Election – What Civic Society Should Do for it”.


Return of Park Hong-sup as Mapo-Gu Mayor

I returned as Mapo-Gu Mayor for the four-year term (from 2014 to 2018), feeling a greater sense of responsibility for making the district a better place to live in. I have strived to promote happiness for locals. As a result of such efforts, Mapo ranked first among the 230 local administrative units in terms of uprightness of officials and local safety level (for two years in a row). Also, I created 41,700 jobs which can give citizens a pleasure of going on duty.