Focal Points of Local Administration

A people-centered, environmentally-friendly, safe town

We will strive to foster a comfortable and convenient urban environment to make families happy.

Making Mapo a place free from disasters and safety accidents through stronger collaboration between the public and private sectors

Making it easier to find parking spaces by increasing public parking facilities and expanding the car sharing movement

Restoring a green, ecological town by forming linear forests (e.g. a forest road on a section of the Seoul-Dorasan, Paju Railroad)

An education/culture city investing in future value

We will strive to improve the quality of life for locals by providing equal opportunity for education and fostering conditions for enjoying cultural activities.

Making the district a local hub for education; the construction of the Mapo Central Library and the Youth Education Center

Operation of a scholarship foundation; laying the social infrastructure for all young people engaging in fair competition

Maintaining the country’s traditional culture; development of modern culture; helping people enjoy richer lives; enhancement of urban brand value

A productive town with a creative economy full of life

We will strive to breathe life into the local economy through invigoration of cultural tourism.

Invigoration of a U-shaped cultural tourism belt; rehabilitation of the local economy through the tourism industry

Creation of sustainable jobs; providing young people with an opportunity for self-reliance

Helping local SMEs and traditional markets build their competitiveness by providing customized support

An affluent city of health and welfare

We will usher in an era in which all live to be 100 years old and healthy under universal welfare.

Expansion of sports facilities

Provision of universal welfare services to all, including the less-privileged

Expansion of medical services ensuring lifelong good health

An open administrative town featuring conciliation and integration

We will strive to make Mapo a town where all locals are united as one through communication.

Realizing the goal of transparent and trustworthy local autonomy through onsite administrative services and adoption of policies designed to encourage the participation of locals

Operation of more productive and efficient local administration through close cooperation between the public/private sectors and enhancement of organizational capabilities

Building administrative competitiveness by focusing on uprightness and creativity