This is a section introducing important projects carried out by Mapo-gu Office during its 2014-2018 term.

1Construction of the Mapo Central Library and the Youth Education Center

Period: April, 2014 ~ October, 2017 (expected)

Location: 128, Seongsan-ro (Former Mapo-gu Office Site)

Size: 3BF ~ 5F, total floor area: 20,153.6㎡

Facilities: Library, youth education center, neighborhood facilities, parking lot

Facility Areas

Cultural Heritage
Total Library Youth education center Neighborhood facility Public parking lot
20,153.6㎡ 6,577.13㎡ 5,952.32㎡ 3,544.09㎡ 4,080.06㎡

Arrangement Plan

Cultural Heritage
Total Purpose
5F Multipurpose hall, seminar room
4F Room for creative cultural activities, room for development of special skills, and center for hands-on experience of occupations/for self-study
3F Book café, archive, child care room, office spaces, youth culture center
2F Main archive, library office
1F Exhibition hall (gallery), archive, multicultural zone, English education center
B1F Leased spaces, public parking lot
B2F Leased facility, cafeteria, public parking lot, attached parking lot
B3F Archive, electricity and machine room

* Department in charge: The Corps for Promotion of the Construction of the Mapo Central Library and Youth Education Center

* Phone No. 3153-8992~4

2Formation of a street for books

Period: March, 2014 ~ September, 2016

Location: Hongdae Station of the Seoul- Dorasan, Paju Railroad (190-1, Donggyo-dong)

Size: 6,441㎡; 250m long

Content: displaying/publicizing books, operation of theme-based content, cultural/arts events, community spaces, etc.

* Department in charge: Urban Planning Division

* Phone No: 3153-9350


3Turning the Seoul Thermal Power Plant (aka Dangilli Power Plant) into a space for creative cultural activities

Period: June, 2016 ~ December, 2019

Location: 56, Tojeong-ro (Dangin-dong) (Inside Seoul Thermal Power Plant Site)

Size: 24,267㎡, a space where Power Plant Units 4 & 5 used to be located

Content: The Tate Modern Museum of Korea (composed of an arts square, a fine art gallery, a performance area, a library, an art workshop, etc.)

* Department in charge: Urban Planning Division

* Phone No.: 3153-9350


4Putting a section of the Seoul- Dorasan, Paju Railroad underground and making the aboveground section a park

Turning a section of the Seoul- Dorasan,
Paju Railroad into a forest road

Period: November, 2009 ~ June, 2016

Location: An aboveground space of the Seoul- Dorasan, Paju Railroad (Yongsan Culture and Sports Center ~ Gajwa Station)

Size: 102,008㎡(Length 6.3㎞, width 10~60m)


Turning a section of the Seoul- Dorasan, Paju Railroad into a linear forest

Period: February, 2014 ~ June, 2018

Location: Gajwa Station of Gyeongui Line ~ MBC New Building in Sangam-dong

Size: 49,186.8㎡(Length 2.2km, width 15~55m)

* Department in charge: Parks & Afforestation Division

* Phone No.: 3153-9550


5Operation of a hospital for children’s rehabilitation and a social welfare facility

Period: December, 2010 ~ December, 2016 (Construction completed on 12/30/2015)

Location: 1738, Sangam-dong

Size: 18,571.52㎡

Major facilities: a hospital for children’s rehabilitation, an occupational rehabilitation center for the disabled, a sports facility for the disabled, children’s library

Arrangement Plan

Cultural Heritage
Floor Area (㎡) Facility Arrangement
Total 18,571.52  
7F 719.47 Cafeteria, roof garden
6F 1,626.93 Inpatient ward (47 beds); hospital school; playground; rest place for parents
5F 1,626.93 Inpatient ward (44 beds); hospital school
4F 1,463.17 Group/individual treatment rooms; hospital ward for daytime day ward
3F 1,750.78 Gym; dentistry; multi-purpose rooms; administration section, etc.
2F 1,745.10 Rehabilitation treatment room (for physical therapy and occupation therapy); medical support device repair room
1F 1,475.96 Children’s library; reception/payment; art therapy room, etc.
B1F 2,734.84 Sports facilities (swimming pool); room for cultural activities; supply section
B2F 2,772.75 Occupational rehabilitation center, parking lot
B3F 2,655.59 Parking lot; anti-disaster center

* Department in charge: Senior & Disabled Welfare Division

* Phone No.: 3153-8850

6Mapo Sports Center

Period: August, 2012 ~ October, 2015

Location: 190, World Cup-ro 25-gil (Mangwon-dong)

Size: 4F, total floor area: 7,050㎡

Major facilities: Gym; multi-purpose gym, bowling alley, fitness center, etc.

Operation hours: 06:00~22:00 (10:00~24:00 for bowling alley)

* Department in charge: Daily Sports Division

* Phone No.: 3153-9850


7Noeul Environmentally-Friendly Sports Park

Period: August, 2014 ~ April, 2017

Location: Top of Noeul Park in World Cup Park, Sangam-dong

Content: three soccer fields; two futsal fields, two multi-purpose courts (for basketball, foot volley ball, and volleyball), and ancillary facilities

* Department in charge: Daily Sports Division

* Phone No.: 3153-9850