Natural Environment

Nogosan Mountain

The areas from Sinchon Rotary to mid-slope of Nogosan Mountain in the direction of Mapo are occupied by private houses and apartments.
The mountain was noted for its natural mineral water spring named Ssang-umul or Naejeong. It is said that the mineral water tastes great and spring never goes dry.

  • Location : San 1-17, Changjeon-dong
  • Area : 52,936㎡
  • Altitude : 105m

Wausan Mountain

This mountain in the middle of Mapo-gu is the highest among the mountains in the district. The name Wau (literally meaning a cow lying down) was attached to it due to its outward appearance. Locals used to make the following comparisons regarding the mountain: Nongbawi Rock (132 Hasu-dong) to cattle trough; the place where Seogang Elementary is located to horns; Seogang Sibeom Apartment to a cow’s head; the place where Wau Apartment is located to buttocks; and Jandolbaegi to cow dung.

  • Location : San 1-17, Changjeon-dong
  • Area : 81.456㎡
  • Altitude : 104m

Seongmisan Mountain

The name Seongmi (or Seongme) was attached to it due to its appearance being similar to a long castle. In the olden days, guards at this mountain used to receive beacon fire signals sent by those at Gongam, Gangseo-gu across the river.

  • Location : San 11-58, Seongsan 1-dong
  • Area : 114,628㎡
  • Altitude : 56.5m

Maebongsan Mountain

The name Maebong is associated with a few stories about its origin, which are: the mountain where hawks (“mae” in Korean) go to bed at night; the mountain where hawks were found to hunt pheasants or hares; and the mountain where people used to hunt using a hawk. The World Cup Stadium down below looks as though it is in the arms of the mountain.

  • Location : San 53-1, Sangam-dong
  • Area : 148,930㎡
  • Altitude : 81.8m

Bongwoncheon Stream

This 4km-long stream originates in Bongwonsa Valley (height: 120m) to the south of Ansan, flows through Sinchon Rotary and Changjeon-dong, and joins the Hangang River.

Hongjecheon Stream (Moraenae)

This stream originates in Pyeongchang-dong, Jongro-gu, flows through Hongji-dong and Hongeun-dong, reaches Namgajwa-dong and then Nanjido Island, and finally flows into the Hangang River. The sandy main course of the stream used to be called Moraenae (“morae” referring to sand “nae” referring to a stream in Korean).

Bulgwangcheon Stream

A tributary of the Hongjecheon Stream, this stream originates in Bibong Peak, Bukhansan Mountain, joins the the Hongjecheon Stream in Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, and then flows into the Hangang River. .