Maponaru  Saeujeot Festival

Until the 1950’s, ships transporting wooden materials, saeujeot (salted shrimp), salt and others filed in and out of Maponaru Ferry. Salted shrimp was the representative fish product at the ferry. Maponaru Ferry was a trading center of salted shrimp, which was produced in the area of the west coast including Ganghwado Island and transported up to the Hangang River.

Maponaru Saeujeot Festival, offering the public an opportunity to experience the old ferry’s atmosphere, is a venue to buy the high quality salted shrimp products from the country’s famous producing areas such as Ganggyeong, Gwangcheon, Sinan, Sorae, and Ganghwa. In addition, the festival provides various interesting events including 101 kinds of traditional culture experiences, exciting performance by Namsadang (a troupe of strolling actors), and calligraphy experience program.

Festival Schedule

  • Official Events
    • The opening ceremony of Mapo ferry market site, opening celebration performance( broadcasting), closing ceremony
  • Commemorative event
    • Commemorative ceremony for Mapo resident's day, the awards ceremony for the residents
  • Experience event
    • 101 traditional culture events, saeujeot auction event and making saeujeot and Kimchi
  • Culture event
    • Writing contest, amateur singing contest of Mapo residents , and best picture exhibition of the first saeujeot festival
  • Culture Performance
    • Fusion national classical music , traditional percussion music, singing begger Pumba, and Pungmul amusement.
  • Standing event
    • Traditional culture experience , old Mapo ferry market site and photo zone of a boat with the golden yellow sail , Art experience market site (free market), street artist experience
  • Sales events
    • Selling the salted shrimp and fish in the famous producing district, Running food market, Running a special product counter

Festival Place Guide

  • SubwayGet off at the World Cup Stadium station on line 6 → get out of exit 1 and go straight → you can see Mapo Agricultural and Marine Products at the front of the large street → take the crosswalk → Parking lot in the Peace park Parking lot in the Peace park → There is a peace park passing the parking lot.
  • Bus

    [Mapo Agricultural and Marine Products Market and World Cup Park ]

    Arterial Road : 271, 571 Feeder Road : 7011, 7013, 7715 Metropolitan : 9711 MShuttle bus : MAPO 08

    [World Cup Stadium and World Cup Park]

    Arterial Road : 271, 571 Feeder Road : 7011, 7013, 7715 Metropolitan : 9711 Ordered Bus : 8773
  • Cars

    [Inside belt way (Seongbuk, Nowon, Sanggye, and Dobong)]

    Get out of Seonsan →turn to the right to the stadium → go straight → turn to the left at the south gate parking lot of the stadium and use the parking lot at the park of peace, or turn to the left at the intersections and parking

    [Northern way of riverside(To Gangnam and Songpa)]

    get out when the signpost of World Cup Stadium appears → Peace park on the right side, and Haneul park on the left side → turn to the left at the intersection → use the parking lot in Nanjicheon park

    [Jayuro ( To Ilsan )]

    Get out the Gayang Bridge → turn to the right at the first traffic signal → go straight into the stadium → use the parking lot of Nanjicheon or Peace park

    [West arterial road ( Guro, Youngdeungpo, and Incheon)]

    Across Seongsan Bridge → take the lane 1 → go into the stadium before entering the inside belt way → stadium

    [To Gayang Bridge]

    Cross Gayang Bridge → go straight into Susaek(Noeul Park on the right side→ turn to the right at the first traffic signal → go right into the stadium and use a parking lot of the Nanjicheon or Peace parks