Filming Locations

DMC (Digital Media City) in Sangam-dong, In front of New MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) Office Building

Square M Communication in front of the new MBC office building is well-known as the filming location of the Hollywood Movie The Avengers in which the Quinjet in which Black Widow and Hawkeye were on board was flying up to the sky rapidly, passing through between buildings. The scene of Ultron and a battle scene of Captain America were filmed on the World Cup buk-ro (300m-long road between World Cup Park Apt. Complex 5 intersection and Apt. Complex 6 intersection).
The scene when Black Widow is picking up Captain America’s shield that he dropped during the battle, saying “Am I always picking after you boys?.” was filmed at this place.
Although Nanjido Island’s landfill was once located in Sangam-dong, the area was developed as the place where the 17th FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan in 2002 was held, and recently the DMC, a state-of-the-art digital media entertainment cluster, with great access to public transportation (Gyeongui Line, Airport Railroad, and Subway Line 6) has been established to be transformed into a knowledge city based on Korea’s excellent IT technology and Korean Wave culture business.


Four Seasons House

'Four Seasons House, which was established by Yoon’s Color (production company of Autumn in my Heart) and Seoul City, features props, items, photos and sets from the most famous Korean dramas such as director Yoon Suk-Ho's four seasons’ dramas- Autumn in my Heart, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent, and Spring Waltz and from music videos. It is also the filming location of TV drama Love Rain, and at the moment, the second floor of the building, which was used as Joon and Ha-na’s room, has been preserved as it was when the drama was filmed.


Former President Choi Kyu-hah's House

This second-story building house built by the former president Choi Kyu-hah himself, was resided in by the former president and his family. The artifacts and remnants such as briquette boiler, white rubber shoes, some 30 years’ old radio, 50 years’ old electric fan, and recycled toothpicks remain, showing the former president’s simple and modest lifestyle. As the house displays various household items from the 1950s, it plays a role as a museum of Korean lifestyle. It was appeared as Dong-ryong’s house in tvN’s drama Reply 1998 in 2016

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Rolling Hall in Hongdae

Since its establishment in 1995, the Rolling Hall continues to make great efforts to communicate with the public by holding various performances including series of planned performances, concerts of musicians, raining from indie groups and top musicians in and out of the country, lending the hall for filming movies or broadcasting programs. The scene of MBC’s program Infinite Challenge in which MC Minji was learning about Hip-Hop from Rapper Zico was filmed in 2016 at the hall.


King Gongmin’s Shrine

In the early Joseon period, when the government was about to build the grain warehouses in the Seogang area, a local old man dreamt about King Gongmin. According to the king’s order to build the shrine and hold an ancestral rite in his dream, the shrine was built in this place. However, during the Korean War, the original shrine building was destroyed, and after the war, the current shrine was constructed by local residents. In particular, King Gongmin’s Shrine has a smaller structure (two kan in front) compared to others (three kan). The shrine appeared in KBS TV series Jeong Do-jeon (2014).

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