Disposal of Wastes

Information on Standard Plastic Bags

Purchase & Management of Standard Plastic Bags

- Purchase the standard plastic garbage bags at the designated stores. May get a refund for the residual bags at the purchased store when move to other areas

Disposal of Construction Wastes Less than 5 Tons

- Purchase pp gunnysacks at the designated stores. Call the waste collection company listed on the sack before discharge.

Prices List of Standard Garbage Bags

Prices List of Standard Garbage Bags
Classification 1ℓ 2ℓ 3ℓ 5ℓ 10ℓ 20ℓ 30ℓ 50ℓ 75ℓ 100ℓ
General Wastes Household - - - 130 250 490 740 1,250 1,880 2,500
Business - - - - - - - - - 4,000
Food Wastes Household 100 190 300 500 - - - - - -
Business - - - - 1,400 2,800 - - - -
Special Standard Bags (gunnysacks) - - - - - 2,040 - 5,100 - -
Re-usable Standard Bags - - - - - 490 - - - -


- Cleaning Administration Dept., Mapo-gu Office (☎02-3153-9214)

Disposal of Household Wastes

Put the wastes in a standard plastic bag and leave it in front of each house or store after tying up the top.

Disposal Hours

- After sunset ~ 24:00 (22:00 ~ 24:00 on the roadside)

Disposal Days of the Week

- Gongdeok-dong, Ahyeon-dong, Dohwa-dong, Yonggang-dong, Daeheung-dong, Yeomni-dong, Sinsu-dong, Seongsan-2dong , Sangam-dong : Monday, Wednesday, Friday
- Seogang-dong, Seokyo-dong, Hapjeong-dong, Mangwon-1dong, Mangwon-2dong, Yeonnamdong,Seongsan-1dong : Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday


- Cleaning Administration Dept., Mapo-gu Office (☎02-3153-9214)


Disposal of Recyclable Wastes

Discharge Way of Recycling Waste

- Sort the recycling wastes and discharge in nearby recycling depot
- If depots are not available, clean the recycling items, put them in a transparent (except black one) plastic bag and discharge in front of each house or store
- If not discharged properly, the wastes will not be collected and rejection sticker will be placed

Discharge Time

- Recycling Depot (18:00 ~ 22:00)

Prices List of Standard Garbage Bags
Collection Days of the Week Mon. Fri. Tue. Sun. Wed. Sat. Thur. Sun.
General Wastes Dohwa, Yonggang, Daeheung, Sinsu, Seongsan2, Sangam Seokyo, Mangwon2 Ahyeon, Gongdeok, Yeomni Seongsan1, Hapjeong, Yeonnam, Mangwon1


- Cleaning Administration Dept., Mapo-gu Office (☎02-3153-9225)

Disposal of Food Wastes

Discharge way of food waste

- Detached Homes: Put the food wastes in yellow standard food waste bags and discharge in the collection bin positioned nearby.
- Apartment Houses: Discharge in food waste collection bin with a RFID chip

Substances that should be discharged as general wastes

Prices List of Standard Garbage Bags
Classification Substances that should be disposed as general wastes Remarks
Vegetables Pepper stakes -
Onion, garlic &, corn husk, corn stalks Dry and hard skins that cannot be Grains Rice husk regarded as food wastes
Grains Rice husk
Fruits Shells of walnuts, chestnuts, peanuts, acorns and coconuts For proper operation of recycling facility and to prevent breakdown of grinding machine, hard substances or big bones (including trotter bones and beef bones) should be discharged as general waste if small amount, and discharge in a special gunny sack (pp sack) and report to pick-up company if large amount
Seeds of stone fruits including peach, apricot and persimmon
Meats Hair and bones of cow, pig and chicken
Seafood Shells of clams, turban shells, abalones, cockles, sea squirts and oysters
Large bones of tuna family fish (tuna)
Residues Residues of various teas (green tea) and medicinal herbs Tea bags packaged with paper or cloth should be discharged as general waste after moisture removing and drying


- Cleaning Administration Dept., Mapo-gu Office (☎02-3153-9206)

Disposal of Large-sized Wastes

Discharge Way of Large-sized Wastes

※ Large home appliances (TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, appliances bigger than 1 m): Free on-site collection

- On-line application: www.edtd.co.kr → reservation → pick-up
- Call center application: 1599-0903 → reservation → pick-up
※ If its part is damaged, it should be discharged in front of each house after reporting at the gu-website
(www.mapo.go.kr) or visiting dong-community center and paying fees.

※ Large-sized Wastes

- Visit community center: Report at district community center & pay fees → sticker issued → place the sticker and discharge
- On-line application: Mapo-gu Website (www.mapo.go.kr/bigclean) → on-line application → payment → sticker print-out → place the sticker and discharge
※ When reporting, enter discharging place and dates correctly


- Cleaning Administration Dept., Mapo-gu Office (☎02-3153-9216)


Information on Recycling Business of Discarded Metal Resources

Business Goals

- By collecting and re-using rare metals such as gold, silver and copper from discarded cell phones and small appliances, this business returns profits to the society, creates jobs and realizes a low-carbon green growing city by recycling discarded metal resources

Business Targets

Discarded cell phones and appliances smaller than 1m

Stereo set, air purifier, water purifier, gas cooking stove with oven, radio cassette player, iron, electric fan, spin-dryer, vacuum cleaner, VTR/DVD player, phone, hair dryer, outdoor unit of air conditioner, electric blanket, electric heater, microwave oven, electric rice-cooker, juicer, toaster, gas stove, computer, gaming machine, circuit board, laptop computer, scanner, printer, multifunction printer, modem, fax machine, clock


Discharge Method

- Small appliances : Discharge in front of house or in the collection bins (located at district office, community centers and management offices of apartments) after reporting (free of charge).
- Cell phones : Discharge in the collection box (located at district offices, community centers, management offices of apartments, schools and Woori Banks)


- Cleaning Administration Dept., Mapo-gu Office (☎02-3153-9216)

Regulations for Illegal Discharge

Regulation Targets

- Illegal discharge of cigarette butts, trash and chewing gums
- Not using standard garbage bags
- If waste discharged not on the designated time or places
- Overloaded garbage bags
- If large waste is discarded without any report
- If food waste or recycling items are mixed with general waste in the same bag
- If construction wastes are not discharged in pp gunnysack
- According to section 3, Article 68 in the penalty regulation of Waste Control Act, fines may be imposed from 50,000 Won to 1,000,000 Won

Reward for Reporting Illegal Disposal

- If witness illegal discharge and report with evidences, reward will be given within the budget range (10,000 Won per case)


- Cleaning Administration Dept., Mapo-gu Office (☎02-3153-9217)