Eligible Persons

Eligible Persons
  Category Eligible Persons
Special cases of
inter-school transfer
Foreign students or North Korean students resettling in Korea (Sub-paragraph 1) Those who have completed a 9-year school course or an elementary/middle school course in a foreign country or North Korea
Korean students returning home after attending a school in a foreign country (Item A, Subparagraph 2) Those returning home to Korea after attending a school for two years or more in a foreign country (only those who stayed in a foreign country with their parents)
Children of scientists, engineers, and professors (Item B, Subparagraph 2) Children of those who have returned home to Korea at the government's invitation or recommendation
Foreign students (Item C, Subparagraph 2) Those who have attended a middle school at least for two years in a foreign country as those whose parent(s) is/are Korean(s)
North Korean Refugees (Subparagraph 3) "Persons eligible for protection" as stipulated in the North Korean Refugees Protection and Settlement Support Act, Article 2 (2);
those who have attended a school for at least two years in North Korea and then transferred to a middle school in South Korea
Ordinary cases of
inter-school transfer
* Those who have attended a school for at least six months in a foreign country but do not fall under any of the foregoing "special cases"

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