Related Organization

Mapo-gu Dementia Support Center (☎ 3272-1578-9)

Address : 122 Daeheungro, Mapo-gu

Home-page :

Eligible candidates : All residents over 60-years old

Service contents : Free dementia screening and detailed examination, causal confirmation of diagnosis fee assistance (non-standard amount) for low-income patients, cognitive health program operation, dementia treatment fee assistance for low-income patients, provisions for recovery-assisting products

Fees : None


Mapo-gu Mental Community Health Center (☎ 3272-4937-8)

Address : 15 Seongsanro 4-gil (Seongsan-dong), Mapo-gu

Homepage :

Eligible candidates : All residents including persons with mental disorders

Service contents : Mental disorder prevention, early detection of mental patientscounseling-treatment-rehabilitation and promotion of societal reintegration, youth mental health screening program (local community needs survey, internet addiction prevention-and management, case management programs, etc.)

Fees : None

Mental health crisis counseling by phone (☎1577-0199)


Korea Support Center for Foreign Workers

Location: Floor 1/3/4, Block B,1291, Nambusunhwan-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul

Eligible candidates: Counseling offered in 10 languages

ARS call back service ☎1644-0644


Seoul Global Center

Location: 38, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu

Service contents: Counseling in English, Japanese, and Chinese

ARS call back service ☎1688-0120