Various Types of Examinations Consultions

Examinations and Consultation

Examinations and Consultation
Division Contents Recipient Cost Connections
Diagnostic Exami
nation Medicine Departmen
Hepatitis antigen and antibody test Applicants 4,640won 3153-9160
AIDS diagnosis (anonymous) Free
Maternal Clinic Before and after (6month) birth care
Apriority metabolic disorder test
Pregnant Wome
Neonates within 3-7weeks of birth
Free 3153-9090
Tuberculosis Clinic TB diagnosis and counseling Applicant Free 3153-9098
TB patient management TB patients 2,000won
Visiting Health Care Department - Inhome visiting care and home visiting examination
-Consultations for cancer screening and dementia
Mapo-gu Residents Free 3153-9101
Medical Examination National Health Screening Program Recipients for adult diseases Diagnosis Free 3153-9168
Health check up for public servants Recipients for adult diseases Diagnosis


Osteoporosis diagnosis Over 20 years old 6,000won 3153-9177
Diagnosis for those suspected of having cancer Over 20 years old 7,000won
Nutrition Counseling Nutrition counseling and education by Life Cycle Mapo-gu Residents Free 3153-9078~9
Non-Smoking Clinic Counseling and management Mapo-gu Residents Free 3153-9115
Metabolic Syndrome Management Center Blood pressure, blood sugar, neutral fats, cholesterol, abdominal measurement , health consultation 30-64 years old Free 3153-9151
Cardiovascular Disease Examination Center Blood pressure, electrocardiogram (ECG), chest radiography, health questionnaire, arteriostenosis, artery ultrasound check M: 45+ years old
F: 55+ years old

National Early Cancer Screening(☎ 3153-9044)

Eligible candidates : Medical aid recipients who are 40 years old or older (for cervical cancer patients, 30 years old or order) and those belonging to the lower 50% of health insurance policyholders among health insurance subscribers

Examination items : Cancer of the cervix, breast, stomach, liver, and colon

Screening procedure : Make a reservation at a medical center designated by the National Health Insurance Corporation and bring the free cancer examination card issued by the National Health Insurance Corporation and health insurance card to the screening

Screening location : Designated cancer screening hospital

Metabolic Syndrome Examination(☎ 3153-9151)

Beneficiaries : Residents 30 to 64 of age

Examination items : Blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, triglycerides, waist measurement

Procedure : Appointment by telephone or in person

Preparation : No food intake after dinner the night before the examination until the morning (10-hours of fasting required)

Examination location : Public Health Center (1st floor) Metabolic Syndrome Office

Early Cardiovascular Screening(☎ 3153-9110)

Eligible candidates : Men over 45 years old, women over 55 years old.

Fees : Free for persons 65 years old or older and with the disease, otherwise, 1,100 or 4,500 won

Procedure : Appointment by telephone or in person
- Round 1 : Blood pressure, blood test, chest radiography
- Round 2 : Blood pressure, electrocardiogram, body measurements, body composition analysis, arteriostenosis, carotid ultrasound

National Health Examination (☎ 3153-9168)

Eligible candidates :
- General Health Check-up: Business subscribers, local subscribers, heads of household, persons older than 40-years-old and received a health screening certificate issued by the National Health Insurance Corporation
- Life Transitional Health Diagnosis: Persons currently 40-years of age, or approaching 66-years of age

Items to Prepare : Health screening certificate issued by the National Health Insurance Corporation, ID card

Screening Items
- Primary health screening (Primary care and oral examination)
- Secondary health screening: If symptoms of diseases are found in the primary screening
- Cervical cancer screening during multi-cancer screening : For applicants only

Screening Timing : Year-round (non-white collar workers, annually; white-collar workers, biannually)

Examination Fees : None

Screening procedures : Restrict food intake from 9:00 pm the night before until the morning of screening and maintain fasting, and undergo morning medical examination in the Medical Examination Department on the 3rd floor of Mapo-gu Public Health Center

Prescription of Exercise through Physical Examination (☎ 3153-9156)

Eligible candidates : Persons over 20-years-old

Examination items :
- First stage - Medical examination (physical examination, blood test, etc.)
- Second stage - Body strength measurement and prescription of suitable exercises

Period : Year-round

Fees : None

- Restrict food intake from 10:00 pm the night before until the morning of the check-up; undergo morning medical examination in the Metabolic Syndrome Management Center on the 1st floor of the public health center ; make an appointment for second stage body strength measurement and exercise prescription

Osteoporosis Examination(☎ 3153-9166)

Eligible candidates : Persons over 20-years-old

Period : Year-round

Fees : 6,000 won

Eligibility for free examination : Residents over the age of 65, 1 and 2 Class of medical aid recipients, disabled persons levels 1 and 2

Procedure : Examination after making a reservation by calling the Medical Imaging Department

Suspected Cancer Diagnosis (☎ 3153-9168)

Eligible candidates : Persons over 20-years-old

Period : Year-round

Fees : 7,000 won per item (free for recipients of the National Basic Livelihood Security System Levels 1 and 2 and disabled persons levels 1 and 2)

Examination Items
- Four cancers in men (liver, large pancreatic, prostate)
- Four cancers in women (liver, large intestine, pancreatic, ovarian)

Procedure : Receipt (Civil affair) → Diagnostic Examination Medicine Department → Notification of examination results

Tuberculosis Screening and Management(☎ 3153-9097)

Eligible candidates
- Individuals who have had cough and bloody phlegm for over 2 weeks
- Individuals who have lived with tuberculosis patients or with the patient’s family
- At high-risk group for tuberculosis (diabetics, alcoholics, HIV positive individuals, homeless, etc.)

Screening items : X-rays, sputum tests, medication therapy, TB counseling

Fees : None

Required items : ID card

Screening procedure: Registration (tuberculosis room) → Screening → Identification of results → Consultation → Administration of drugs if TB confirmed

Treatment targets :
- Persons with confirmed TB on radiography
- Persons with written diagnosis of suspected TB from the Korea Manpower Military Administration and private medical institutions

Fees : 2,000 won for medication (free for recipients of the National Basic Livelihood Security System and senior citizens aged 65 or older)

Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening and Management (☎ 3153-9173)

Eligible candidates : Residents who suspect symptoms of sexually transmitted disease

Examination items : Syphilis, gonorrhea, urethritis, AIDS, Chlamydia trachomatis, etc.

Required : ID card

Fees : None

Screening procedure : Registration → Medical examination (internal medicine) → Identification of results → Drug administration and treatment

Anonymous AIDS Screening (☎ 3153-9165)

Eligible candidates : All applicants and individuals concerned about the risk of infection

Screening Timing : 3 months after suspected exposure to AIDS infection

Procedure: Registration (Diagnostic Laboratory Medicine on the 3rd floor) → Examination → Identification of results

AIDS Prevention and Management (☎ 3153-9031)

Eligible candidates : Persons with AIDS and those at risk of infection

Management contents :

- Epidemiological survey, upon first infection confirmation and immune test request
- Health management via periodic consultations and medical expense assistance
- AIDS prevention education and outreach