Infectious Disease Control

Acute Infectious Disease Management (☎ 3153-9032)

Management of target infectious diseases : bacterial dysentery, paratyphoid, typhoid, cholera, etc.

Establishment of epidemiology task force : In case of an infection/breakout, prevention of spread of disease through an immediate epidemiological investigation

Emergency prevention readiness for summer epidemics : May to September (maintain 24-h emergency defense systems)

Support for isolation treatment for patients with class 1 infectious diseases


Pest Control and Preventive Disinfection (☎ 3153-9033)

Area : Flood pumping station, riverside, garbage collection area, deteriorated residential area, etc.

Management contents : Periodic disinfection in summer, caterpillar extermination in winter

Reporting center : Installation and operation of civil complaint center phone (3153-9009)

Electrocutor and Electric insecticidal lamp operation: May to October