Infant and Child & Mother Health Care Department

Congenital Metabolic Disorder Screening (☎ 3153-9090)

Eligible candidates : Neonatal babies 3 to7-days-old

Required items : Mother-and-infant health care booklet (baby booklet)

Screening procedure : After screening, if a disorder is found, detailed testing is conducted.

Fees : None for primary screening
if congenital metabolic disorder is confirmed in the detailed secondary testing, fee assistance is provided


Infant and Child Routine Checkup (☎ 3153-9090)

Eligible candidates : Infants(4 and 9 months of age) and children (2-6years of age)

Examination items : Evaluation and consultation for infant’s growth, preventive education for safety, nutrition management, sleeping posture, and oral hygiene education, and preparation for school attendance

Fees: None (must be arranged in advance


Hepatitis B Mother-to-Child Hepatitis Prevention Initiative (☎ 3153-9072)

Eligible candidates : Newborn babies from hepatitis B positive mothers, surface antigen HBsAg

Service contents : Preventing infants from contracting disease from their hepatitis B-positive mothers by vaccination and administration immune globulin, and providing governmentsponsored assistance for antigen, antibody tests

Assistance method : After undergoing vaccination and antigen, antibody tests at birth immunization organizations or institutions, the health institution that conducted the tests can use issued coupons to request reimbursement from Public Health Center


Premarital and Prenatal Medical Examination (☎ 3153-9090)

Eligible candidates : Persons desiring premarital physical screening and women preparing for pregnancy (Rubella test available only to district residents and female employees)

Required items : ID card, proof of district
(e.g., health insurance card, employment certification, employee ID card, etc.)

Location : Maternal room on the 2nd floor of the public health center.

Examination items : CBC, hepatitis B, blood sugar level, urine test, chest radiography, and tests for hepatitis B, rubella, HIV, STDs (gonorrhea, chlamydia)

Fees: None


Expectant Mother Care (☎ 3153-9090)

Eligible candidates : Pregnant women( district residents and employees)

Required items: ID card, pregnant mother booklet

Pre-childbirth care :

- Pre-birth tests for pregnant women (Blood test: CBC, anemia, hepatitis B, rubella, VD, HIV, blood type), (Urine test: urine sugar, urine protein)

- Test for child deformity (16-18 weeks of pregnancy), ultrasonography (12-30 weeks of pregnancy, on weekdays)

- Heath care and consultation for pregnant women (weight measurement and blood pressure) iron-content medicine-provisions (20 weeks of pregnancy to before childbirth), folic acid supplements (up to 12 weeks of pregnancy)

Post-childbirth care : Postpartum care, breastfeeding, childcare guidance, etc.


Breastfeeding Clinic Operation (☎ 3153-9090)

Eligible candidates : Women who are 28-weeks pregnant through childbirth

Time of Operation : The 1st or 3rd Friday of each month (10:00am to 12:00pm)
The second Saturday of each month(10:00am to 12:00pm)

Operation contents : Individual breast management by specialists, including guidance for breastfeeding positions and methods

Required items : Piece of large towel

Instructor : International breastfeeding specialist