Public Health Education and Health Improvement

Hypertension•Diabetes Classes (☎ 3153-9155)

Eligible candidates : All residents

Program Timing : Two sessions per year

Program contents : Patient search program (blood pressure, blood sugar level measurements), registration-management-, and education of patients with diabetes, dietary methods, exercise methods, etc.

Fees: None

Instructors: Special instructors, doctors and nurses at university hospitals specializing in diabetes associated care


Alcohol Moderation Education and Ad Campaigns (☎ 3153-9053)

Service contents : Alcohol moderation (alcohol prevention) education; ad campaigns via mass media(i.e.,web-based), newspapers, broadcast media; distribution of promotional materials (leaflets, banners); campaign execution; cooperative projects with private business entities


Nutrition Programs (☎ 3153-9056)

Service contents: Nutrition education(nursery, middle and high school students), customized nutrition counseling in accordance with life cycles and disorders, supplemental nutrition programs for prenatal women, infants and children


Anti-Smoking Clinic (☎ 3153-9058)

Eligible candidates : Mapo-gu residents (including those who work or attend school in Mapo-gu)

Service contents : Basic questionnaires, evaluation of nicotine dependence, nosmoking education, CO measurement, offer of no-smoking assistance products (nicotine chewing gum, patch or bupropion prescription), withdrawal symptom counseling, counseling through telephone, online, etc.

Process : Registration → Nicotine dependence evaluation → Counseling and medication usage → Closure