Culture and Art Festivals

  • Seoul Wow Book Festival

    Seoul Wow Book Festival

    Wow book festival is like a picnic
    outside for books. Publishing companies, writers, culture groups, and other institutes are participating in this huge festival of multi-art concept near ...

  • Seoul Fringe Festival

    Seoul Fringe Festival

    Against commerciogenic public culture and puritanism of main stream, Seoul Fringe Festival is planned to give opportunities to independent artists. As independent art is ongoing,..

  • Hongdae Street Art Exhibition

    Hongdae Street Art Exhibition

    Hongdae Street Art Exhibition The Street Art Exhibition is held for the purpose of making the art popular through displays in the daily spaces of the street. It was started by providing an opportunity for the...

  • Seoul International NewMedia Festival

    Seoul International NewMedia Festival

    Seoul New Media Festival is established to throw a subject about what new media should present. The festival is held in Daeangonggan - the alterna...

  • Let’s Rock Festival

    Let’s Rock Festival

    Let’s Rock Festival is the largest urban-style musical festival. The festival is a venue where the audience with passion and youthful spirit can enjoy various artists’ performances along with attractions and food in...

  • Hongdae Culture Festival

    Hongdae Culture Festival

    Hongdae Culture Festival was established to prevent cultural artists from leaving due to gentrification of the Hongik University area. The festival, which is planned in cooperation with culture and arts groups, tourism ...

  • DMC Festival

    DMC Festival

    The DMC Festival was established to vitalize the DMC center and promote the establishment of digital culture at the DMC Hi-tech Industry Center, the hub of Asia’s cultural contents,...

  • Mapo Samba Carnival

    Mapo Samba Carnival

    Samba Carnival offers the audience an opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of Brazilian performance genres. Regardless of age, the public can enjoy this family-oriented festival with ...

  • Hongdae Comedy Week

    Hongdae Comedy Week

    The first Hongdae Comedy Week, as a unique and huge-scale festival, will take place in places around the university in 2016. The programs include comedy performances, ...