Natural Ecology Park

Mangwon Hangang Park

Mangwon Hangang Park is composed of various kinds of sports facilities such as a football field, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, children’s baseball ground, lawn bowling court (for use by persons with disabilities), gateball court, multipurpose ground, and bike path. In addition, a swimming pool and other water sports facilities for windsurfing, motor boating, and water skiing are equipped to provide diverse water leisure and sports activities. Cultural attractions near the park include Mangwon Pavilion and Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine. Since it’s located close to the World Cup Stadium and the Incheon International Airport, it has infinite potential to be developed as the important strategic point in Seoul’s northwest region.

Nanji Hangang Park

Nanji Hangang Park, which was built as part of the Hangang Renaissance project, has improved the park users’ accessibility as the central bridge connecting to Noeul Park and Haneul Park, the bridge connecting to Pyeonghwa Park, and the combined passageway, were completed.
The Mirror Fountain built in front of the bridge connecting to Pyeonghwa Park, as a landmark of Nanji Hangang Park, spouts its water, creating a beautiful scene. The Riverside Water Park with 80cm of maximum water depth, which is open in summer, was established for children and their family’s water play.
In addition, along with the construction of the pedestrian passageway to the Wetland Eco Park, visitors can observe natural grassland, plant colonies, and animals on the waterfront. The Nanji Campground built nearby the park is loved by citizens for holding BBQs as well as camping. The Bike Path in the park’s clean nature is connected to the Ttukseom Recreation Area in east, South End of Haengjudaegyo Bridge in Goyang in west, and Noeul Park and Haneul Park.