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A table of Facility/Institution Name,Internet Address
Facility/Institution Name Internet Address
1 Mapo Cultural Center http://www.mapocc.or.kr
2 Mapo Cultural Foundation http://www.mapoartcenter.or.kr/
3 Mapo Facilities Management Corporation http://www.mfmc.or.kr
4 Seoul Western District Court http://slseobu.scourt.go.kr
5 Seoul Western Prosecutor's Office http://www.spo.go.kr/westseoul
6 Crime Prevention Policy Bureau http://www.cppb.go.kr/
7 Seoul Western District Office of Education http://www.sens.go.kr
8 Seoul Mapo Police Station http://www.smpa.go.kr/mp
9 National Tax Service Mapo District Office http://s.nts.go.kr/menu/main/main1.asp?tax_code=105
10 Mapo Fire Station http://fire.seoul.go.kr/mapo
11 Map Election Commission http://su.nec.go.kr/su/mp/sub1.jsp
12 Mapo Post Office http://www.koreapost.go.kr/se/121/
13 Office of Waterworks http://arisu.seoul.go.kr
14 Korea Electric Power Corporation http://cyber.kepco.co.kr
15 Korea Electrical Safety Corporation http://www.kesco.or.kr
16 Ministry of Employment and Labor Western Seoul District Office http://www.moel.go.kr/seoulseobu
17 Seoul Military Manpower Administration http://www.mma.go.kr/seoul/index.do
18 Seoul City Gas http://www.seoulgas.co.kr
19 National Pension Service http://www.nps.or.kr
20 National Health Insurance Service http://www.nhis.or.kr
21 Road Traffic Authority, Driver's License Service http://dl.koroad.or.kr
22 Hankyoreh Culture Center http://www.hanter21.co.kr
23 Far East Broadcasting Company http://www.febc.net
24 Sogang University http://www.sogang.ac.kr
25 Hongik University http://www.hongik.ac.kr
26 Mapo Lifelong Learning Center http://mpllc.sen.go.kr
27 Mapo Lifelong Learning Center Ahyeon Branch http://ahyon.sen.go.kr/
28 Digital Media City http://dmc.seoul.kr/
29 Mapo Resource Recovery Facility http://rrf.seoul.go.kr/content/bcred240.do
30 Seoul World Cup Stadium http://www.sisul.or.kr/open_content/worldcup/
31 World Cup Park http://parks.seoul.go.kr/template/sub/worldcuppark.do
32 Hangang Office http://hangang.seoul.go.kr
33 Seoul Mapo Senior Welfare Center http://www.senior21.or.kr
34 Mapo Self-Sufficiency Promotion Center http://www.mapojahwal.or.kr
35 Mapo Welfare Center for the Disabled http://www.mapowelfare.or.kr
36 Mapo-gu Senior Welfare Center http://www.mapocare.or.kr
37 New Life Center http://www.kids119.or.kr/
38 Seoul Foster Care Support Center http://www.seoul-foster.or.kr
39 Korea Women’s House http://www.hanyeou.or.kr
40 Seoul Jungbu Women's Development Center http://jungbu.seoulwomanup.or.kr/
41 Holt Children's Services http://www.holt.or.kr
42 MAPO TV http://mbs.mapo.go.kr
43 Seoul Human Resource Development Center http://hrd.seoul.go.kr/
44 Policy Briefing http://www.korea.kr/
45 Multicultural Family Support Center http://www.liveinkorea.kr/center/default.asp?pzt=ct&cc=mapogu
46 Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service http://www.kcomwel.or.kr