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Health Center

Health check and Vaccination

  • Health check and inspection and vaccination medical services are available at the health center.

Health check and inspection

Health check and inspection : A table of Health check,Breast radiation inspection,Cancer marker inspection
Health check
  • Immune serum inspection(syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B)
  • ·Biochemical inspection (12 categories including blood sugar, liver function, cholesterol, kid function inspection etc)
  • Urinal chemical inspection(PH, occult hematuria, urine glucose, protein in urine)
  • Hematology inspection(6 categories including hemoglobin, white blood cell, red blood cell etc.)
Breast radiation inspection tuberculosis etc.
Cancer marker inspection liver cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer/ovarian cancer


Vaccination : A table of Infants, Elderly at the age of 65 or higher
Infants 16 categories including national mandatory preventive vaccination on tuberculosis (BCG)
Elderly at the age of 65 or higher diplococcus pneumoniae, influenza
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