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It visually represents diversity in Mapo-gu and harmony between the city and humans by connecting symbols representing various characters of the area with a single line.


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Crest Usage Guide and Regulations

The design of the crest shall not be used for commercial or personal purposes, and only those who have applied for and received approval for the use of the crest in accordance Article 16 of the Seoul Mapo-gu Ordinance on Symbols can use the design. Those who use the crest and/or brand slogan of Mapo-gu without permission may be subject to applicable measures pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, including the Trademark Law.


Mapo-dongi (or Mapodong-e)
Making your dreams come true!

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Design background

Mapo-dongi was born on July 1, 2004, in Mapo-gu, a place where an abundant and happy life is promised to all.
The two stars on the head symbolize a new millennium and represent the hope that the all the dreams of Mapo-gu residents will come true. The curved head is reminiscent of a map of Mapo while symbolically connecting the tradition passed down since the era of Mapo Naru to today. The body symbolizes the recovered nature of Nanjido Island.
Mapo-dongi, who is always cheerful and energetic, is eager to share love, happiness, and dreams with the residents of Mapo-gu.

  • Magnolia


    Magnolia, the flower that symbolizes Mapo-gu, blooms in the middle of April before the trees grow new leafs. The large oval-shaped blossom is very fragrant and its white color represents the clean and pure image of Mapo-gu.

  • Maple tree

    Maple tree

    Maple trees have beautiful leaves that turn red in autumn and are also resistant to pollution and harm. These characteristics make them suitable to be planted along streets downtown and in parks.

  • Mallard ducks

    Mallard ducks

    These symbolic birds of Mapo-gu are wild ducks with a short neck and a flat beak. They are migratory birds that winter on Bamseom Island in Mapo-gu, symbolizing Mapo-gu and its residents' love for nature.

  • Green


    The green color symbolizes safety, peace, intelligence, and simplicity.

  • The Song of Mapo’s People

    The Song of Mapo’s People

    "The Song of Mapo’s People" was selected as Mapo-gu's official song through a contest. The song, with cheerful and promising lyrics expressing positive images of Mapo-gu, is enjoyable and easy to sing.

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  • ♬ The Song of Mapo’s People

    Music by Lee Jun-gyu    Lyrics by Kim Yeong-jin    Arrangement by Kim Yeong-jin and Lim Il-hong

    This is my hometown, this place where the cool breeze brings peace to my weary mind. / Clean air with the smell of lush plants, blue sky, and beautiful parks; here, let's sing happily together.
    * A place filled with the fragrance of happiness and culture; a city of hope, sensibility, and a bright future.
    Come visit Mapo, the city of happiness and love, where everyone smiles so brightly.
    * (Repeat) Music and youthful energy in the air; Hongik University Street, the home of art and culture. / People from around the world in the streets and all the people, men and women of all ages, look so happy; here, let's sing happily together.